video diary #13
The mobile VFX studio and early reviews.

video diary #12
Developing a photo-real German Shepard.

video diary #11
In this round, I cover some of the challenges of the edit. How do you cut 1/3 of the film out?

video diary #10
This one is a mini breakdown of a vfx shot in the film. Short and sweet.

video diary #9
Thoughts on the score, and some show & tell of concept art.

video diary #8
The good and the bad, regarding the shoot.

video diary #7
Clips from the set.

video diary #6
This one, about locations, has mysteriously disappeared. Will keep looking for it on my hard drives. I blame the Micronesians.

video diary #5
auditioning continues, and we cast the lead roles.

video diary #4
starting to audition actors.

video diary #3
Planning the cinematography, and shooting some footage.

video diary #2
Storyboarding and who should I call to help me?

video diary #1
decision to commence with Our Lady of Lourdes.


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